Positive and negative aspects of PSP Go

We have to give Sony a lot of credit for creating an amazing handheld gaming device like the PSP Go. However, despite all their efforts to make it the most perfect handheld gaming console, there are still a few things that could be improved. If you are thinking of buying the PSP Go, it is best to know all the details before going out to buy one. Still, it’s best to evaluate it first and make sure it will give you the gaming satisfaction you are looking for.

So let’s take a closer look at the PSP Go and see what its positives and negatives are.

You’ve probably seen the previous PSP models, right? Well, the PSP Go is relatively smaller than previous PSP models. Among the features of this console that many people admire is the fact that it is thinner. Obviously, with this device, portability is important and it has to be really easy to transport.

Another aspect is storage. Ample space won’t be a big problem with PSP Go because it has 16GB internal storage and you can also make use of the built-in expansion slot if you want to add more memory.

PSP Go can also connect via Bluetooth. It can also be connected to PS3.

When it comes to a variety of games, you miss out on the downloadable ones that give you the option of not storing many UMDs.

Like what I mentioned above, PSP Go is really a great console, but it will be even better if the following aspects can be improved. The screen size is slightly smaller than previous PSP models. This is understandable since the PSP Go is actually smaller. Other gamers who are used to having older PSP models want Sony to keep the original screen size. Another common complaint is the awkward placement of the volume and display controls along with the analog joystick. Other than that, if you own the older versions of the PSP, you won’t be able to use the old PSP accessories either because the system doesn’t support the same improvements. Lastly, its download time is quite slow. This can sometimes depend on the connection you have, but the common complaint is that when downloading large games, the download speed is very slow and it will take a long time to finish.

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