Bold and beautiful plus size panties

Walk into any lingerie store that caters to the plus size lingerie market and you will find a multitude of styles of panties. It can seem a bit overwhelming at first glance with a nearly limitless selection of vibrant colors, fabrics, and styles to choose from. But, with a little knowledge and a little time, any woman, regardless of her size or body shape, now has the ability to find intimate apparel for any occasion she desires.

By following these three basic rules, you will now enjoy the experience of shopping for elegant and sexy plus size lingerie. First, ignore the urge to buy the same old panties you’ve always bought and unleash your imagination and find something that makes you look and feel sexy. Second, overcome the stereotype that only women with a certain body type should dare in their lingerie selection. Finally, what is the desired effect you want to achieve? Is it stylish and comfortable or wickedly sexy?

The most popular and widely available panty styles are listed. These styles come in bold colors and sexy fabrics and can be easily paired with anything from a bra to a corset.

Boy shorts: A full coverage panty style with a low waist and leg openings that rest just above the thigh. They are relatively new to the lingerie scene, but are becoming increasingly popular with women of all ages. They are named for their similarity in appearance to men’s knit briefs, which are themselves a variation on traditional briefs. They offer full or near-full coverage in the rear, depending on the style you choose, and are considered extremely comfortable.

Hipsters: These briefs offer the same low waist as the boy’s shorts. However, this style of panty is a shorter version that is cut well above the thigh. While hipsters are generally considered a full coverage style, some may have a slightly higher cut in the back than classic boys’ shorts or briefs. They are the ideal style for anyone who wears low-rise pants or short skirts.

G-string panties: The Brazilian cousin of the short boy. The Thong is very similar in style to the boy shorts, but has a higher cut at the back of the leg, which gives it a much more daring look. Thong panties are usually made of lace or sheer fabric. If you are looking for something even sexier, try a mini thong. The mini thong is basically a cross between a standard thong style panty and the thong.

Bikini Panties Style: A classic and flattering look for women of all shapes and sizes. Bikinis provide full or near-full coverage to the back with leg openings that are cut above the thigh. Most bikinis sit around three inches below the waist, although with the popularity of low-rise pants some are now cut even lower. The sides can be anything from a rope to a thicker side panel.

Ribbons: The rarest of the panty styles, yet surprisingly comfortable. Thong-style panties are characterized by a thin strip of material along the center of the back of the garment designed to fit between the wearer’s buttocks that connects the front to the waist at the back. Thongs come in a variety of styles depending on the thickness, material, or type of this back of the fabric:

Thong They feature little more than a triangle of fabric in the front and a thin “rope” of fabric around the hips and back. The only V-thong briefs They are similar to the G strings but feature a back string that splits into a two string “V” at the back waistband.

T back They offer more coverage than thongs, and the side straps extend directly across the top of the buttocks. From behind, the straps resemble the letter T.

Rivers They are similar to T-backs, except that the side straps rise above the hips.

Take advantage of online purchases to add a bit of beauty and sensuality to your lingerie drawer. It is important that women of all shapes and sizes have the opportunity to find the right styles for everyday wear or for that special occasion.

Note: Remember that size does matter. Review all measurements before buying underwear online. Different designers have their own idea of ​​what a particular size is and it may differ from store to store. Most retailers will not accept returns for panties or swimwear bottoms. It’s worth the extra time to make sure you’re buying the right size panties or lingerie.

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