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When Dr. Romance was a child growing up in the small town of Rockland, New York, there was a small post office, which was a small room with a separate entrance in the house next door. Rockland’s official postmaster was Clara Weiss, who seemed very old even when I was a very young child. She was what we used to call a “single lady” or spinster, who had dedicated her life to taking care of her mother, who was disabled, and also not quite balanced. Mrs. Weiss had one leg and would often run away from the house and crawl around the yard, yelling strange things. Clara, as you might guess, didn’t have much of a social life. After her mother died and Rockland lost its small post office (we had to go to the slightly larger town of Roscoe, a mile away), Clara went to work at the main post office, about 20 miles away. miles away. There she met a coworker, and when she was 73, I remember we gave her a lingerie bachelorette party. It really is never too late to fall in love. Clara moved in with her husband and they spent a good 10 years together.

A few years ago, a friend and former student of Richard’s, who was 70 years old, reconnected with an ex whose marriage proposal she had rejected when she was 20 because he had a drinking problem. In the intervening years, they both married other people, had children and fulfilled lives. Fifty years after her first romance, when they were both widowed, he tracked her down, she went to San Diego to have lunch with him, and didn’t come back for a week. They also got married and spent some happy years together.

A very dear friend of mine, who lives in another city and has been divorced for many years, has been living happily for a couple of years with the man she met at university and decided not to marry. They both married other people, had children, were divorced years ago, and reconnected last year. They are happy together.

In addition to these stories of reconnected love, I often see clients in my practice who get back together after separating or divorcing. In fact, some couples come to see me after being separated several times due to fights and disagreements, but there is always something that brings them back together. Surprisingly, many people start dating again after getting divorced or separated. I believe in the power of love, and if your heart yearns; It’s okay to get closer to a first or old love; as long as you do it correctly.

They may never have resolved the previous relationship satisfactorily, or one or both of them may have matured into a more suitable candidate for a relationship. Many people find that they appreciate each other more after they’ve been apart for a while. Also, as I said, I have seen several couples happily reconnect much later in life, after having marriages and families with other couples.

It depends on how accurate your memory is and how good or bad reality feels. If it’s good, then you really think it was love at first sight. If it’s bad, do you stay with what I was thinking? It is very easy to idealize someone you have never really known well; reality never collides with fantasy, so the ideal person is not tarnished. You remember a rosy image of perfection. That’s hard to let go, if you never get a reality check.

Can this really work, or will it just fall apart again? Here’s how to see if you and your ex can make it work.

Dr. Romance’s Guidelines to Improve the Odds with Your Ex

* Consider seeing a therapist on your own, for expert help in deciding if you’re pursuing this old flame for the right reasons; and to help you gain insight into what might need to be fixed.

* Make a careful first contact: strictly Hello, how are you? For example, if you see the old flame on Facebook, try sending a message and asking them to be friends. Don’t say anything about continuing to have feelings. Your former love may well be married now, or even gay. You need to find out what’s going on before you make a move.

* Be aware if forgiveness is needed. Did you hurt this person’s feelings in college? You got hurt? Old unresolved feelings can linger for a long time and flare up when you least expect it.

* If you get a positive response, go very slowly. Rushing means that you are trying to avoid some truths. If it’s going to work, it’ll be better if you take the time to build a better foundation than you had before.

* Treat it like a new relationship. Start at the beginning and do it differently; it might work this time.

* Analyze what went wrong last time and consciously try to fix old problems. If you can’t talk honestly about what went wrong and what to do differently, you’ll never change anything.

* Make sure your ex is just as determined to improve the previous relationship as you are. If he or she is blaming you for everything that went wrong, disaster is imminent. If you’re blaming your ex, it’s just as big a problem.

* Insist on couples therapy for both of you. Pre-engagement therapy can help you figure out the pitfalls and whether you’ve resolved any previous issues.

After all of this, you may still find that it’s too late to remedy the problem that led to the breakup. You may find that you are holding on to a fantasy that is not supported by reality. If you try to rekindle an old love and it doesn’t work, then you are faced with letting it go, again.

You may even feel the urge to try harder because the breakup eventually outgrows denial and the fantasy that misbehaving or being uncooperative is okay. We also have a lot of cultural mythology about I will never stop loving you, which says that holding on and martyring yourself with this lost love means that you are truly in love. But holding on to an impossible lost love is unrealistic.

You need to understand that a relationship is a partnership and requires the work of both partners to be successful. The initial stage of romance is not supposed to last, the relationship is supposed to develop into a real-life partnership, and that requires paying attention, learning, and growing. It’s not a fairy tale, it’s a real life love story and it’s worth the work required. If you give nothing, you receive nothing. Love is something we create by working together, and one person cannot force it.

Holding on to a lost love can turn toxic: persisting in showing up at your ex’s house, calling or showing up at work, threatening bodily harm, calling your ex’s family and friends, or otherwise interfering with your ex’s life, don’t it will only push your ex away, it is illegal in many states and is defined as stalking. Sometimes the attachment is encouraged, consciously or unconsciously, by an ex who doesn’t really want to be with you, but doesn’t want to ‘harm’ you or continues to receive benefits (financial support, sex without commitment, you do the laundry, is willing to take the children more than his or her share) that he or she does not want to endanger. But this one-sided arrangement won’t make him happy, and it’s probably time to move on.

Once you are attached to someone, it is very painful to let them go. Since most of us like to avoid our feelings, we don’t want to grieve to let go. But, when you’ve had a loss, there’s a certain number of tears you have to cry to let go; keep crying is the fastest way. Also, the dissolution of the relationship might not have been your idea, so you are holding on to a dream, in denial. And letting go is the way to find the love you want.

I want you to love, whether you rekindle it or go ahead and create something completely new.

When you install new carpet, you can always have it delivered. Most rug sellers or manufacturers expect you to want to receive the rugs, so they already have some kind of service for this. This service is often expensive and will incur additional expenses that you may not have budgeted for. If you’re doing the work yourself, you probably want to cut costs and try transporting it yourself.

Most self-installers like to transport the carpet themselves or find it essential to have the ability to transport the carpet themselves. This is especially important if you are doing any kind of side work for friends and family. If you have the right vehicle and tools, or can borrow them for free, you’ll be in a much better financial position. But be warned, CARPET IS HEAVY, and loading and unloading large rolls of carpet is hard work. You may want to ask a friend to help you move the rug.

Now on to the vehicle of choice… In my opinion, the ideal truck for transporting carpet from one job site to another is a 16-foot box truck with a “grandma’s attic.” Having a diesel engine box truck is even better as it will reduce fuel costs. The “grandma’s attic” above the cabin is ideal for storage. It will allow plenty of room for rugs, pads, tools, and supplies along with protection from the elements.

For one-off jobs, you can use a pickup truck or trailer, but these aren’t the most ideal vehicles because they don’t have protection from the elements. Although some trucks have bed covers that can be easily added and removed from the vehicle. These can be great for hauling rugs in the rain when all you have is a truck.

I have also seen used dump trucks, but they are not designed for this type of work. It also doesn’t seem easy to remove the carpet from the dump truck bed (but then again I wouldn’t really know, I haven’t had to go this route and hopefully never will). I guess these vehicles are only used as a last resort.

Another vehicle you can use to transport rugs is a van, one of those big work vans. I see these types of vehicles hauling rugs almost weekly, so they must be convenient. The only thing I see a problem with is that the rug sometimes sticks out the back, so tying the rug or using bungee cords is essential to prevent the rug from flying out the back door.

These are the best ways I’ve seen to transport carpet, so don’t let me see you flying down the road with a huge roll of carpet strapped to the roof of your Honda Prelude!

A shed is essential for personal needs, hobbies and interests. As we go through life, our activity footprints need additional space for storage. Our sentimentality, memory, frugality, inheritability, heirloom items, and our creativity to recycle merit the desire and need to invest in a wood-built shed.

The largest residential storage building that many of us use on a daily basis is our personal dwelling. The home stores many of the things that family members will use on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.


The next largest storage area is the garage that leaves the vehicle parked at the curb. The car losing its shelter is not beneficial to its longevity. It’s time for a storage shed.

Take inventory of stored items and determine the best type of shed to solve storage problems. Will there be a need for a garden shed, greenhouse, shed, workshop, playhouse or tool house?

A shed is worth the financial investment. A friend of mine had a two car garage in his backyard. This garage was used as a candle workshop, then became a costume sewing workshop with a showroom. On the last visit with these friends I noticed that the two car garage is being used to restore old cars.

Shed forms:

The shape of the shed can be a simple square box, a rectangle, a circle, or any other creative shape. It can be an open or closed structure. The exterior can be simple or duplicate the main house on the property. The function and decoration of both the interior and exterior of the building are determined by your imagination and personal requests.

Our hobbies and interests may require a structure that serves as a production and storage room. One of my neighbors makes pottery as a hobby, but later it turned into a business. Business was so good that he had an extra room built in the garage and it became his workroom and storage room. One of the doors was placed in the garage wall which was also the workshop wall and allowed him to move between the two rooms to move supplies and load pottery orders.

Advantages of wood construction:

The advantage of building a shed with wood is the ease of reducing, expanding or remodeling to meet any changing demand. You can choose to design and draw the plans for the shed or hire an architect. It will depend on the complexity of the building. Construction can be done on your own or by hiring a carpenter.

People always try to preserve their memories with the help of photos and videos. They say that photography is an art that can make things look better. In recent years, photo editing technologies have come a long way. This has simplified the work of a photographer. He can now make unlimited adjustments and corrections to his images and make them look quite different. Credit goes to photo retouching service providers and photo editing software developers who have been doing a great job creating innovative tools and filters that help us change the way our photos look.

Photo retouching involves different steps. Some photos require detailed editing, while others just require some general changes. When a client brings in a photograph for retouching, it is important to understand the client’s expectations. An image retouching service provider’s job is to understand the needs of their clients. Photos that require retouching are of two types. The first category includes old photographs. Vintage photographs that are damaged by wear and tear and atmospheric factors require some repair work. Retouching such photographs can take time. This retouching may require the use of various editing tools and filters. Depending on the extent of the damage, touch-up work may require 1-2 days. Different service providers have different working styles. The rates are also different and depend on the quality of the work. For high-quality work, you may end up spending more money.

The second type of photos includes new photos that require certain foreground and background changes. In such cases, retouching involves background removal or foreground enhancements. Color correction and settings related to contrast and brightness are some of the basic factors that fall into this category. Editing facial features in a photograph is also an important part. Removing black marks and spots from a person’s face is not an easy job. This has to be done very carefully and cautiously. After all the corrections, the content of the photo should look real and natural. This is the challenging part. This is why certain photo retouching service providers are popular for their work while others are infamous.

Photo retouching is an art and requires specialized training. Professionals in this field are in high demand and often have a lot of work to handle on a regular basis. If you want to try your hand at photo retouching, you can start with some online tutorials. There are various articles and videos on the internet that can help you get started with photo retouching. However, practicing advanced retouching requires some professional training. There are several online and real institutes that offer different types of courses on photo editing software like Photoshop.

Limousines were once a vehicle for wealthy businessmen, movie stars, and politicians. Today, however, people are hiring limousines in ever-increasing numbers for occasions like anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and bachelor or bachelorette parties. A limousine has this special ability to help you make a grand entrance. When you step out of a gleaming limousine as a bride at a wedding ceremony or a birthday boy at your birthday party, you become an instant celebrity.

Thanks to the countless rental services that are mushrooming across the United States, hiring a limousine has become easier than ever. The largest cities in the US, such as Los Angeles and Washington DC, have many limousine rental agencies that provide excellent services and highly competitive prices. The biggest problem you will face when choosing your limousine agency will be deciding between many options. Using a limousine provider database will be a wise move for help in choosing a limousine rental provider. Therefore, before hiring a limousine, ask questions about the cars themselves to make it easier for you to choose one that is appropriate for your specific occasion. Below are three fun facts about limousines to help you better understand the limousine industry.

The origin of the name limousine

Legend has it that the design of the first ‘stretch limousine’ was inspired by a sort of protective hood worn by shepherds in the Limousin region of France. Also, it is assumed that the designer or one of the designers of the car was French and called it Limousine. Although there is no concrete evidence to support this claim, the story has stood and most automotive historians now believe this version to be authentic.

The car brand called limousine.

Limousine is not the name of a car brand but rather refers to a group of vehicles that have certain characteristics. A limousine is usually larger than your average car and there is a partition between the driver and passenger compartment to give you maximum privacy. These partitions are usually soundproofed, and passengers may have the option of communicating with the driver via intercom.

types of limousines

Modern cars that are called limousines can be an SUV, a bus, a van, or a coach. However, limousines can be divided into two other broad categories such as traditional and exotic. A traditional limousine is usually a stretch sedan or hatchback, which has extra legroom for passengers. Exotic limousines are usually one-of-a-kind, custom-made limousines with many fancy accessories to decorate the interior of the car.

St. Petersburg, Florida
April 3, 2005

Grand Prix Honda of Saint Petersburg

What follows are the half-hearted observations and thoughts of a total racing neophyte, an automotive drifter who wouldn’t know a spark plug from a flux capacitor.

Our hero is PJ Chesson, the 26-year-old race car driver from gentrified NJ horse country. This is his second year racing in the Menards Infiniti PRO series, which is like IndyCar’s minor league. He racked up 3 wins in a row and several top 5 finishes in his first year of racing on pavement. PJ is driving for a new team this year and things are tense, he crashed out in qualifying in the first two races this season. (The drivers themselves are responsible for damage if it occurs outside of the race itself.) The team is a real step down from his rookie season and the car reflects that. His girlfriend is Echo Johnson, she’s a little older than PJ (although I lack the conviction to ask how much) she’s a former Playboy model from Austin, Texas.

PJ didn’t seem affected by the same thoughts I was having when I entered the ‘hot pit’. My first thought when approaching these tiny fighter planes, with an extra wheel, was something along the lines of “you’d have to be a jockey to fit in one of these little motherfuckers.” … The national anthem is over, it worked. ended up with a smart butcher for some American Idol stunt. The honorary incumbent is Andrew Firestone, I’m sorry to report that it looks like the Queer Eye Guys have gotten another one. The engines roar and Echo and I are told to pull off the track, an order we ignore only because it was said with little authority… The second warm-up lap is over and the green flag supposedly goes up. , though who the hell knows, it’s too strong and the Florida sun is too bright to notice the little things. I will tell you, dear reader, with complete honesty and full disclosure that I am fully recovered from the New York Friday night debauchery, although I did have the flight to think about it.

As PJ predicted there was a mess on the first lap, apparently the first corner is at the end of the straight and quite dangerous when the field is all bunched up. A young Brazilian named Jamie Camara was eliminated 3 seconds into this race, although I couldn’t see much from here on the pit lane. We can’t feel bad for him since he’s apparently the son of Brazilian Ted Turner, but certainly a wonderful Portuguese style that Ted’s mustache could never match. But you can hear the slippery little missiles zipping past you at 150+ mph down the straightaway, you can feel the power of the engines, you can smell the exhaust of rocket fuel.

Another spin at the lap 21 mark gives us a chance to assess PJ’s run. He’s 5 mph off the pace of the leaders, it looks like his because not only does he look a little inferior, with his faded blue and white paint, but he runs that way too. The good news comes in the form of a lanky and somewhat slippery Aussie, no doubt descended from a long line of pocket pickers, assuring Echo that PJ is getting faster with every lap, 2 seconds faster before the last one. caution flag. The flag gives him, and all the other laggards, a chance to catch the leaders and condense the race. A much-needed mulligan, which cost someone money and a possible trip to the school nurse. I hadn’t given it much thought before, but I guess it’s designed to make the race more exciting, tighter for the fans, as there’s no speed limit for anyone as long as you don’t pass the guy in front of you.

Eventually, he is able to catch up to the leader who is being held up by an extremely ugly pace car (actually a truck). A push for the little one. A refuge for democracy in an America where evil empires and dynasties reign.

Anyway, I forgot to inform you that the slippery-looking ‘guy’ also told Echo that PJ was saying his brakes were coming loose, even to me this didn’t sound promising. Apparently all the drivers reported the same thing, they’re not used to heavy braking on an oval track, which most of these guys have cut their teeth on. PJ doesn’t strike me as someone who’s ever considered using her breaks for any reason.

Echo seems to be a real distraction to the SPFR firefighter next to us, standing behind an open 40-gallon water barrel. The good he will do is totally suspect. 10 laps to go, let us pray there are no fires near me that need this brave lecher’s attention… The sparse crowd has risen in a round of applause, I can tell by the muted nature of the cheer that it is not a fiery clash these vultures are clapping for, but a slick pass somewhere out there. Marco Andretti is outpacing other drivers with names like Unser and Drake, most with JR, III or IV. PJ has moved up to 7th place with another driver hanging around.

I want to get a bottle of water from the cooler next to me, but I dare not offend the natives, with their colorful clothing and funny hats. Clearly, I am an outsider invading a world of interns. Luckily I know one of the bosses and I’m next to his beautiful concubine.

5 laps to go, surely only a disastrous miracle will propel our man into or near victory lane. But no one expected a win except me, who knows less than any of the morbidly obese kids starting to fill the stands behind me in anticipation of the big car races later today. The hosts and their girlfriends, however, come from a different lineage than their fans. The brides can be easily identified among all the other women on the runway by their bleached and surgically enhanced good looks. Is it my imagination or are they all taller than your men? More research is needed, I’ll have to poll you guys on this at the next race and get back to you…Race car drivers may be the only short men with fast cars able to successfully compensate for their lack of stature .

It looks like Marco Andretti, the 18-year-old phenom, will hit victory lane. Another victory for heritage, empires and dynasties everywhere, but a well deserved victory for the boy. The media swarms over the champion, many Japanese media come running down the pit lane, with his wonderful straight black hair. But wait, here come the blondes, very impressive. Clearly, he should have been behind a steering wheel, not a golf ball, from a very young age.

They help PJ out of his car and he looks very pleased. He gets a big hug and kiss from Echo and congratulations from several guys who look like officers. We stand looking at the circus that unfolds around the winner’s car. I sense he’s happy with finishing 7th and I ask him “I finished the damn race in 2005 baby”, clearly a weight has been lifted off his shoulders… PJ talks to some of the other racers and his team for a while . We all jump onto the PJ scooter, Echo then me, realizing this is the closest I’ll ever get to a playmate.

As I stand under the platform of the car lift, attached to the back of the custom 18-wheeler, trying to find some relief from the unforgiving Florida sun, I hear a soft moan. The sun/shadow line moves slowly down the track, as I come to the conclusion that the mischievous natives are letting me know my place in the strict social hierarchy of their highly evolved culture. I try to appear cool and collected, calm in the face of his passive aggressive behavior. Just barely avoiding being slowly crushed by the powerful hydrolic monster, I can hear some deep growls.

Maybe now that I’m sitting here in the Tampa airport with a family from one of the outer districts, all of us on our way back to JFK and God only knows where from there, while two generations of the family, one in a wheelchair and one in a baby stroller, and my head is totally clear of marquee cobwebs. I can tell the pit crew didn’t see me standing under the car lift and they weren’t there to spill any blood, what a warm cloudless Sunday afternoon in St. Petes, but if I don’t think so, neither should you.

JFK arrived
April 4, 2005

These drivers, and more PCs than any I have met so far, are afflicted by an atavistic need to compete for resources, to engage in the hunt, with death not in the shadows but right in front of them, all around them. This Infinity Pro series looks even more dangerous than its bigger IndyCar brethren, racing on the same circuits, just a few seconds faster per 1.8-mile lap. Why is it, or seems, more dangerous if the cars are smaller and a bit slower? The danger lies with the drivers themselves, as I look up from my scratchy handwriting to realize that my Arab friend, whose name I would no doubt need George Tenet to pronounce for me, is hurtling us closer and closer to safe fear. and possible destruction. him while he plays with his cell phone in one hand and touches his nostrils with the other. I have a distinct feeling that we are walking a tightrope at this point and his Israeli girlfriend is yelling at us not to look at her… The point I veered so cruelly from was that these drivers are more dangerous because they are less experienced and are driving to save their lives (no endorsements here on minors). I will say, though, that their girlfriends seem to be almost as attractive as the IndyCar drivers’, with Ashley Judd being a more polished exception.

This drive home is getting really hairy now. We barely made it across the Williamsburg bridge with our lives and now my driver is getting nervous, he can smell the finish line, victory lane is within his grasp and no one will stop him. There may not be a horde of media and groupies, and the purse is barely enough to cover gas, but these guys compete for reasons neither you nor I can begin to understand.

Smart cities are cities that use different types of electronic IoT to collect data and then use this data to manage assets and resources efficiently. Pune is a smart city located in India; Citizens living in Pune do not need to rely on traditional forms of communication with their local public services and service agencies. This has removed the pains of traveling to local government departments and completely eliminated the need for long queues and check-in processes. The Pune Municipal Cooperation (PMC) uses AI chatbots to assist in these processes.

Here are some ways we can use AI to make cities smarter:

1. chatbot they have proven to be very useful for navigating the government sector and generating simple and effective workflows. Each smart city is designed to solve a specific problem, and therefore each smart city has different missions and goals. In the context of India, a mission was launched to develop and establish 100 smart cities to provide a sustainable environment and infrastructure for its residents. It is not physically possible for human agents to also process a large volume of queries. There is clearly a disconnect between the population and the local body in many towns and cities. In this case, automation can solve some of the common day-to-day obstacles.

Artificial intelligence can be used to understand daily patterns of communication. Between phone calls and chat, there has been a trend of consumers and customers preferring to use chatbots. Even popular retail brands have started using AI chatbots as part of their conversational marketing efforts to give their customers a personalized experience. Not only does this increase customer retention, but you’re more likely to turn an inquiry into a deal.

two. Adaptable traffic lights they have been applied in cities such as Los Angeles, San Antonio and Pittsburgh. These technologies use real-time data to change traffic light timers to adjust traffic flow. This has improved travel times for city residents by 10 percent and in some areas with outdated traffic signals by 50 percent. Better traffic flow not only makes driving safer and more enjoyable, it can also be of enormous economic importance. The Texas Transportation Institute has estimated the cost of traffic congestion at $87.2 billion in wasted fuel and lost productivity.

City traffic can definitely affect how our lives improve. Better traffic flow and sensors could improve public transportation like taxis, Uber, Lyfts, and buses. This would directly affect the affordability of these app-based taxi services which tend to have high prices depending on traffic conditions and taxi availability. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and others leverage real-time information to make accurate arrival time predictions available to the public. This is a game changer and something that only smart cities can achieve!

3. Monitoring and Security they will play an important factor in smart cities in the future. Nvidia predicts that around a billion security cameras will be used worldwide by 2020. While the placement of security cameras has sparked a debate about privacy and a militarized state, the presence of cameras has also improved public safety. , reduced crime rates, and catch terrorists. Unfortunately, the number of cameras will produce far more data than human operators will be able to manage. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will help improve facial recognition, tracking, and other aspects of security detection.

Government agencies are now developing means to train AI systems to identify specific objects and activities in images. Research for real-time monitoring of multiple video streams is underway through a deep cross-modal video analytics project, run by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity. Nvidia is also developing a metropolis platform designed to use deep learning AI to help with analytics.

Four. Water and Energy are important resources to manage in a smart city. AI can be harnessed to optimize energy and water use. Google claims that AI has reduced power requirements in its data centers by 40 percent. Cities are now using smart grids to better manage energy. Solar-powered microgrids can be used at airports, as the city of Chattanooga in Tennessee illustrates. AI is also being applied to water metering to curb excess water and find leaks.

5. Public security it can be completely revolutionized if law enforcement agencies apply predictive modeling and an artificial intelligence framework to run checks on criminal databases. License plate reader technology can also be used by law enforcement to find stolen cars and identify expired registrations. Of course, there are privacy concerns when using predictive surveillance systems; no one wants a sci-fi police state like Steven Speilberg’s film Minority Report! There is a lot of work to be done before these technologies can be used effectively for the public.

There is immense potential for AI to change the lives of smart city residents. The United States and China have already implemented most of these technologies in various states and cities. It will only be a matter of time before other countries adopt these technologies to improve the lives of their citizens.

If you’re looking for the perfect toy for the five-year-old in your life, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the options. You could go the easy way and just give them “something,” but the more you know about the toys that five-year-olds think are “cool,” the better gift you’ll get. If finding the best gift for Christmas 2010 is important to you, read on.

The best toys for 5-year-olds in 2010

Here are some of the must-have toys for five-year-olds in 2010.

  • Vtech Kidizoom Multimedia Digital Camera (Camouflage) – With a cool color scheme and the ability to take real digital photos, this kids’ digital camera is sure to be a hit with any five-year-old.
  • Kid Galaxy Morphibians Gator Radio Control Vehicle – For children ages 5 and up, there haven’t been too many RC toys in the past. Today, the Morphibians line allows young children to have fun with RC cars without fear of breaking small parts on more expensive models.
  • Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Mr. Squiggles – Yes, these cute little robotic pets still exist, and they are just as hot as ever with little kids. You may want to check out the new Kung Zhu Hamsters that are ready for battle. Either way, these are great, inexpensive toys that will be popular again in 2010.
  • LEGO Ultimate Building Set – 405 Pieces – This basic set of building blocks is a classic toy that most five-year-olds will love. It comes with a large tub for easy cleanup. If you want to see if your five-year-old is going to like Lego bricks or not, this is a great way to introduce him to LEGO.
  • MATCHBOX Rocky the Robot Truck – Ah, the good old dump truck updated at last. Most 5-year-olds will love playing with this truck that dumps and has many other features.
  • Sheriff Woody at playtime – This very large (16-inch) Toy Story Woody doll has a string that makes Woody say a bunch of different phrases, much to the delight of most toddlers.

If you pay attention to the commercials and look around you, you will see these and many other toys for five-year-olds everywhere. By knowing a little about the child who will receive the gift, you can give them something they will love to play with for months to come.

What should my APMs be?

Many players want to know how high APMs need to be to compete at the Diamond level. Right now, to compete with high-ranking Diamond players, your average APM over the course of the game should be around 100. Now you might be wondering, “I see Korean pros getting over 300 APM.” To be honest, none of us ever will. average of 300 legitimate APMs and is unnecessary. Good players who have an average APM of 120 click or perform an action 2 times per second, which is very fast.

One of the biggest things I see with low level players is that their APMs are between 15 and 30 which means they don’t stay active enough and this is what differentiates Diamond players from Copper players. , because a player with more than 80 APM is constantly doing something and building there base and economy, while a player with lower APM will take longer to complete a certain task or build an order.

The key is to improve

Over the course of this guide, I’m going to break down how a player plays the game and the things that are needed to increase their APM. After reading this guide, you won’t jump above 120 APM, but you’ll know what it takes to start improving. What you want to do is see what your average APM is now, and then apply the strategies and skills you’ve learned in this APM guide to gradually increase your APM. This is something that takes practice and your goal should be to improve your APMs and over time you will continue to get better and faster and eventually reach your target APM mark.

This guide will follow the sequence of a game so you can start from the very beginning of the game and walk you through the mindset and process of having a high APM from start to finish. Many of the skills and strategies are used throughout the game and the key is to work them all into your average game and the builds you do throughout the game.

Spam APM

At the beginning of the game you have a lot of idle time, players use this time to spam APMs by clicking very quickly on their Command Center/Nexus/Hatchery rally point to a mineral patch. This greatly increases your APM and is seen by some players as APM spam, but for many players that is not the case. The reason behind doing this is that it warms you up and prepares you to start building, your fingers are getting used to clicking really fast and staying active instead of just sitting there while you build your first few jobs.

Imagine you are racing a car and one car is at the starting line while the other car is already going 60 MPH once you start the race the car already going 60 MPH will easily win because it already picked up speed while the because the one that starts from a stop has to pick up speed as it accelerates.

This is the same for your hands/fingers, if you are already moving at a fast speed it will be easy to quickly transition to building your base and you can quickly grab your 9 or 10 SCV and build a Supply Depot right away.

control groups

Setting up control groups and using them is one of the most important factors in having a high APM, this allows you to quickly move between buildings and units and access them anytime, anywhere on the map. As mentioned in our Control Groups guide, you want to set up your Control Groups as you build your buildings and army. This is very important because it will allow you to continue building units while in the middle of a battle and keep a good macro of your base.

Players who don’t use control groups and hotkeys will never be able to reach the same level of APM as an equally skilled player who does. The bonus of being able to quickly select your production buildings and produce units will really help improve your APM as long as you keep up production during battle and while microfining your units.

Control groups are also very important in battle because you want to set up different units to select control groups so you can quickly highlight them and use them against your opponent. For example, if you have a group of marines and marauders with vikings and your protoss opponent has a ground force with colossus, having your vikings set up in a control group will allow you to quickly access just your vikings so you can micro and attack the colossus. during the battle.

In my country, South Africa, it is surprising and sad that many teachers, especially teachers from the black community, are still largely computer illiterate. Many of them are at sea when it comes to the Internet or a website and its importance for research purposes. The largest teachers’ union, SADTU, the South African Democratic Teachers’ Union, has a membership of over 350,000 teachers. Fewer than fifty thousand of them have computers with an Internet connection. This is just depressing and sad. It’s depressing because the Internet is the most powerful tool any teacher can have to help them in the teaching profession.

Most teachers are simply unaware of how much they are missing out on by being computer illiterate, and this is inexcusable. Some would say that it is expensive to have a computer and an Internet connection. Having been a teacher for thirteen years and resigning in 2006, I say this is simply not true. Go to any mall at the end of each month and see how much teachers spend in restaurants with their girlfriends, wives or families. The money they spend on alcoholic beverages per month is more than enough to buy a computer -in cash- and have a pass-through Internet connection. They also drive the latest BMW and Mercedes-Benz sedans and wear designer clothes. What a pity!

Furthermore, you simply have to see the long queues at the points of sale of TV channel service providers by people who pay their monthly subscriptions. Most of them pay much more than they would for a monthly Internet subscription. The worst thing is that they almost never sit down in their diapers to watch the many channels they pay for each month. It is perhaps a status symbol for people to see a DSTV dish on their roofs. These are teachers who mentally live in the industrial age. We are in the information age and it is better that they wake up before becoming obsolete as professionals.

When you tell them to visit your website for information on a certain topic or any website on the web, they just gawk at you or sarcastically infer how smart you want to appear. The internet is full of free website builders that one can upgrade to paid sites once they are familiar with how a website works. I say that a teacher who is not computer literate is a curse on the teaching profession. Worse, if a teacher has a computer and does not have an Internet connection or a website, this is even the worst sin for the students.

Most black public schools do not have adequate libraries, so a computer with an Internet connection is a must. How a self-respecting teacher expects to increase his knowledge and research without this modern tool called the Internet is beyond me. However, I remain hopeful that this attitude will soon subside and when black teachers do wake up, it will be with a vengeance. It’s never too late.